Book Chapters

Professor John Inyang's intellectual prowess has contributed to the publishing of several books. His chapters are accessible below:

Ancient Philosophy

In Princewill Alozie (Ed), Logic, Philosophy and Computer Science, Calabar: Elcrof Pub. Co. 1999.Revised 2000. (pp. 150 - 181). ISBN: 978-2316-42-3.

Formal Proof of Validity

In Innocent I. Asouzu (Ed) Philosophy and Logic Today. (Revised Edition). Calabar: University of Calabar Press. (pp. 384 -406). ISBN: 978-007-121-0.

Quantification Theory

In Udokang, Emmanuel J. and Ojong, Kyrian A. (Eds) Introduction to Philosophy and Logic: New Jersey: Goldline and Jacobs Publishes, (pp. 114 - 127). ISBN: 978-978-49498-4-2.

The Theory of Foundations and its Development in Epistemology

In Kyrian A. Ojong and Elijah John (Editors) Living Issues in Epistemology. Uyo: EI-Johns Publishers. (pp. 196 -214). ISBN: 978 2275 026.

Heidegger's Existentialist Philosophy

In G. 0. Ozumba, M. Uka and T. E. Ogar (Editors), Critical Essays on Phenomenology and Existentialism: Jocharisam Publishers. (pp.121-134). ISBN: 973-331-621-2. Download

Understanding Logic

In G. 0. Ozumba and Kyrian Ayiba Ojong (Editors), The Mirror of Philosphy: (A Publication of the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar). El-johns Publishers, (pp.72-92). IDBN: 978-2275-24-7. 5.5 Monographs - Nil

Rationalism and Empiricism

In Innocent I. Asouzu. (Ed) Philosophy and Logic Today: (A publication of the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar). The African Pacific and Allied Press, Revised and published by the University of Calabar Press 2004. (pp. 110 -127). ISBN: 978-007-121-0.

The Problem of Corruption in Nigeria: Falling Back on Kants's Categorical Imperatives for Solution

eds Damian Asawalam, Eke Udochu, Chinedu Kelechi Okite(eds) in Contemporary Issues for Authentic Existence. A Festchrift in Honour of Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Micheal Egbuta Ukah,

Hume's Causality and the Problem of Induction

In Uduig women, A. F. (Editor) Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science. Uyo: EI-Johns Publishers (pp. 331- 340). ISSBN:978-227-520-1.